МИХАИЛ Самуилович Большов

Computer Mathematics Schedule

altThe Computer Charity Laboratory was founded in 1991 on the Phizco Mechanical Faculty of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

The Laboratory has developed significantly through the introduction of its technologies into commercial products, and the development of cervical technologies for the latest Intel graphics and computer games developed by Driver-Inter.

altThe special competence of the Laboratories is the experience gained in establishing high-produced programme modules for the display of natural phenomena (water, fire, sky, cloud, grass, solar, shadow and others) and in managing large quantities of data, including geographical databases. This competence is based on basic mathematical education, which includes subjects such as " Computing Gemetry " , " Theory of algorithms " , " Databases " and others. All these courses are taught at the Mathematics Consignment Centre.

The Laboratory works successfully with many leading research and commercial organizations, actively implementing the technologies developed.

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