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Specify The Type Of Computer Graphics

No. 1
Computer schedule:
• Reproduces the image when the reference is information of unimaginable nature.

No. 2
Image processing:
• Examine the challenges in which input and output data are images.

No. 3
Identification of samples:
• Transforms the image into a formally understandable language of symbols.

No. 4
Put the graphical system components in the right order:
♪ Injection device.
♪ The processor is a memory.
• The manpower.
♪ The withdrawal device.

No. 5
Indicate the name of the user class of the graphical system that creates a graphical system using basic software and the crucial task of ensuring access to graphic devices by the application programmer.
♪ Designer.

No. 6
Indicate the name of the user class of the graphic system using the computer graphics system by generating graphical functions from its programmes.
♪ Applied software player.

No. 7
Indicate the name of the user class of the graphical system interacting with the graphical programme by physically affecting the input device:
♪ The graphic system operator.

No. 8
What is the code set for the lighting of pickles on the screen stored in a separate memory area?
∙ Human buffer.

No. 9
What is the character of the human buffer, which characterizes the number of battles of information defining the lighting of each individual picel, in particular the number of colours that can be presented on the screen of the system?
• depth.

No. 10
What? Type of computer graphics is the way to provide graphical information by means of a set of curves described by mathematical formulas and ensures that images can be transformed without loss of quality?
♪ The vector schedule.

Topic 2. Graphic formats and colour systems.

No. 11
Describe the correct description of the graphic format of JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group).
● Metod (algorithm) compression of images with loss of information. Format is widely used for electronic publications.

No. 12
Describe the correct description of the GIF graphic format (Graphics Interchange Format).