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Communication Of Computer Graphics

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Methods and methods are being considered to use modern technology not only for training, but also for the development of learning skills.

Key words: Project method, graphic systems, Multimediaactive learning.


The introduction of new information technologies in the educational process has become the norm, and it has the effect of informing education, thus raising the quality of education into a new stream. It has often been noted that the current pace of production requires a different level of training for young professionals. Graphic literacy plays a major role in the acquisition of this knowledge for a young specialist. The authors of the article synthesized some material from their articles [1, 2, 3] and showed how the modern technical tools developed at the Department of " Skills " in the study of graphic disciplines had been used, how those means had an impact on the development of the learners ' abilities and on the level of their mental stress.

The best means of development for the learner of his spatial imagination, without which, in principle, no technical creativity can be achieved, is inspirational geometry. ?Рис. 3 But we still believe that the ability to correctly execute and read the drawings is being developed in the process of studying the interior geometry and engineering graphics. Methods and means of studying these disciplines, we believe, should be changed using the graphic programmes of AutoCAD or COMPAS. However, without a vibrant force of imagination and visuality, it is impossible to create, develop, second a car to build something. To this end, basic knowledge of the intelligent geometry and engineering graphics is needed.

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