компьютерной графики

Use Of Computer Graphics


Buhanov A.N.
(Moscow, Stankin CIT)

One of the most dynamic areas of computer technology is now a computer schedule. The range of applications of this technology extends from the creation of games, television advertisements and movie special effects to computer engineering design and basic research.
The computer schedule provides an excellent opportunity to improve and speed up the design and construction of technically sophisticated facilities: vehicles, machines, robots, aircraft. This possibility is that before the production begins, a computer monitor can be assembled, removing deficiencies and omissions without constructing a test sample.
It is not difficult to produce a three-dimensional picture of a future mechanism that would save large material resources on the fact that it will not be necessary to establish a real facility many times and then to specify the documentation. In doing so, the video can be used to create a presentation and promotional role.
Design is not the only area Computer graphics♪ Computer schedules can be successfully applied by designers and architects in their work. It is known that a model that should create a common impression is built before building a house or a housing stock. It is easier and faster to create such a model through three-dimensional modelling programmes, building on design documents. It is possible to create a full illusion of the reality of the future home or housing, as it is possible to control not only the shape of the house, but also the nature of the materials made. At the same time, the designer can create different internal interior options before the house is built. Of course, the cost of such simulations is quite high, but they are justified by lowering the cost of construction by lowering the cost of repairing design results.
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