Use Of Computer Graphs

2 years;

Form of education: liquefied;

Budget places (time): yes;

Contractual training: 154,000 roubles per year;

Introductory tests: examination, Portfolio competition;

Programme annotations

The programme is designed to train high-quality computer graphics and web-based staff. Modern teaching methods, professional skills, job competitions, training do not only fascinating but effective.
The program is designed to focus on the new generation ' s IT technology professional standards: Information Resources Specialist, Information Systems Specialist, Programlist.

Principal special subjects of the programme

  • Vector and vegetation technology. Principles and theoretical bases of peak and vector graphs; application of software computer schedules (Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw) in the development of polygraphs and websites.
  • A composite design.
    Laws and ways of composing. The application of the laws of composing to deal with creative tasks. Establishment of illustrative material for print and electronic versions.
  • Methods for research and modelling information processes and technologies in polygraphs.
    Pre-print and polygraph technology. Development of polygraph design. Pretrial training. Programmatic tools for the development and design of polygraph products.
  • Methods for research and modelling information processes and technologies in the design and design of web sites.
    Web design principles and tools. Development of websites of any complexity. Web design and development software.
  • Three-dimensional simulation methods and tools.
    3D simulation applications. Application of 3D modelling technology to develop animation. 3D simulation tools (Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya).
  • Languages of web applications.
    Types of web application languages and their specific features. Modern client and server programming technologies. Development of online services for the Internet project.
  • Automated design systems
    Main engineering design stages in technology/construction. Work on project documentation. Computer design software (Autodesk Autocad).
  • Website technology
    Methods to promote Internet websites: SEO, SMO, SMM, CRO. Integrated site audit.

The relevance and relevance of the programme is due to: