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Space Odisseya, Star Wars, Matrix, Avatar and other Oskar award winners

2001: Space Odyssey

Oskar award for best visual effects, 1969

The images of the Space Odyssey were a difficult process: Director Stanley Kubrick followed every detail in the film, from special effects to what fabric was used in the costumes of the actors. Ideas, designs, and even the script changed all the time, and the team had to be built. The Cubrik has been imagining a pattern of ships of different sizes, experimenting with pavilions and building impressive structures, like centrifuges, where heroes walk into one of the scenes. But the revolutionary scene was a film scene where the master hero has practically psychodelic experience in space and sees strange paints and shapes, for her, Douglas Trumball's special effect artist, has developed a special technology of “scalling”: the camera has a thin cheek, and she's making a lot of narrow staff, and then they're stuck in a picture. There's a very strangely deformed image that's never been done before Odyssey.

Star Wars. Episode IV: New Hope

Oskar Prize for Best Visual Effects, 1978

When George Lucas planned his Star Wars, he knew that the film should have special effects, which had never been to the movies, and he needed a special team. Lucas met John Dickstroy, who gathered his acquaintances, artists and engineers, and there was an Industrial Light Magic, the most influential company to create visual effects in the world. " New Hope " (when the film was simply called the Star Wars) was their first job, but the film had long been considered a special impact reference. Duals on light swords, space battles, incredibly detailed models of spaceships, New Hope, looked like no other film before. Several revolutionary technologies have also been used: fraud control, which has allowed the dynamic filming of the object against the background of the green screen (which can only be done static) and computer schedule - When the rebels are discussing an attack plan on the Death Star, the viewer sees the image that is computer-generated.


Oskar Prize for Special Achievements, 1979