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Computer Graphics

scientific work on the theme "Realization of Euristic Computing Techniques by Computer Schedules." Scientific article on the speciality of " National education " , Pedagogica

DC 37.036.5
C. A. Novocelov, N. P. Ivanova
Annotations. The article discusses the possibilities of creating and encouraging the creative activity and initiative of students of pedagogical universities - future professionals who are themselves called upon to study and educate socially and professionally competent, unconscious, fully developed persons. In order to develop the creative abilities, the authors propose the use of the evolutionary combination methods used in the area of technical (engineering) creativity, associated and synectic technology and computer graphics. A comparative analysis of the main Euristics Operations with the computer graphic editor ' s operations was conducted in the process of establishing a visual composite. Examples of the use of evolutionary combination methods and the fragments of the laboratory cycle were described, for which a system of special exercises had been developed, developing the creativeness of future educators and increasing their motivation for creative work. The testing of the author ' s methodology in several universities confirmed its prospects for positive developments in student education and learning.
Keywords: development of creativity, creativity, evolutionary combination methods, computer schedule, associated and synectic technology.
Abstract. The paper looks at the ways of enhancing and stimulating the creative activity and initiative of pedagogic students - the prospective specialists called for educating and upbringinging socially and professionally competent, originally thinking, versatile personalities. For developing their creative abilities the author recommends introducing the heuristic combination methods, applied for engineering creativity facilitation; associative-synectic technology; and computer graphics tools. The paper contains the comparative analysis of the main heuristic method operations and the computer graphics
redactor in creating a visual composition. The examples of implementing the heuristic combination methods are described along with the extracts of the laboratory classes designed for creativity and its motivation developments. The approbation of the given method. ♪