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Computer Card

Graphic imaging technology is one of the areas of computer technology that deserves special consideration. In the creation of a multimedia work in which graphic elements are necessarily present, the user has to deal with the software environments by which he produces the necessary graphics. We will be interested in practical questions: how to create a computer illustration of the project, how to introduce and process photographs that will be used in the multimedia project.

In our course, we will consider the following ways of producing graphics:

  • Creating images with graphic bags

There's a whole spectrum of these. software - from simple computer drawing tools to professional packages. Windows is one of the simplest packages, Paint. An example of this package is the initial picture of graphic files. Next, we'll meet the possibilities of Adobe Photoshop. Unfortunately, as part of this course, we will not be able to fully highlight the full potential of this programme. But with the first experience of working with such a professional package, listeners will be able to further deepen themselves in the examination of image processing techniques.

  • Box of images from the library

Microsoft Office has a collection of pictures that can be inserted into its multimedia projects. If you've been able to get CDs with image libraries, it'll also be a good help.

  • Artificial writing

Artificial writings are a good informative. Such inscriptions on the computer can be easily produced by the Word text editor.

  • Image scanning

This is particularly convenient for users who produce multimedia applications based on existing photographs or printed materials.

  • Introduction of digital camera and video camera images

If you have such digital devices, you can quickly install the image you've removed. It's obvious that you don't have to hand off the photo lab tapes. It's not just time. There is no loss in the digital picture of the quality of photographs associated with the handling of photographic material: you are not afraid of scratches on the tape or defects caused by the display and printing process.

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