Computer Schedule Test

Международный сертификат об успешной сдаче тестаYou want to go up to a new career, get a new prestigious position and a higher salary? Go through free online testing at the Specialist Center for your interest and confirm your high level of knowledge and skills!

You can pass the test online, at any time you're comfortable, at work or at home, in a normal and comfortable environment. After a successful test, you will be able to obtain a certificate of examination* at the appropriate course of the Specialist Computer Training Centre. This is an international model certificate in English, which clearly shows the high level of your knowledge and skills and is a significant advantage in employment and career development in both Russian and international companies.

Now you have new services such as:

  • Electronic certificates♪ You can print your own certificates. Cash certificates are paid only at the CC Radio (ul). Radio, d.24, Corps 1, 2nd Entrance, 2nd Floor.
  • Certificates in Russian and English for your choice.

Order of certificates

Tests are presented for you in more than 10 areas, from Microsoft Office to programming and IT, from computer schedules to project and service management, from accounting to DSB. The tests were developed by the Centre ' s teachers, leading experts in their field.

You can undergo pre-training tests at the Specialist Center to see if you're ready for a course or after learning, to make sure that knowledge is well learned and you can boldly enter the next more complex course.

You can also demonstrate a page with your test results and your courses to your potential employers and confirm your knowledge and skills. The reference to this page is available in your private office on the Centre ' s website.
" A detailed instruction on access to the test page is available on the following link.

* The certificate is sent within two weeks of the receipt of the payment to our account. Next, delivery time depends on the post office. Usually, in Russia, postal delivery is 2 to 4 weeks, outside Russia, from 3 to 6 weeks.

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