Презентация на тему: Компьютерная графика работает с объектами

Computer Schedule Works

I'm a student of MIEME. Can I get a score on this course?

If you're studying at the Informatics and Computing Technology and you're on second course, you're reading the same course in the first module. The theoretical part will coincide and may be read as you wish, but the laboratory workshop and final testing will have to go to the institute.

When do we study the Photoshop?

Any time you're comfortable with, but we don't have that kind of purpose. We will study the foundations and principles, with these knowledge, you will understand better how programmes and formats work. We'll look at the graphic editors in terms of their appointment and limitations.

There's a lot of things about iron. Is that what it takes?

As we study the principles and framework, it is useful to know not only the “virtual” part of the question. In addition, it will help to better guide the performance of technology by identifying important characteristics among the marketing mushura.

Why do we treat analog technology and standards from the past?

Without knowing the origins, it would be difficult to understand the decisions of modern engineers and programmers. For example, why does television consider row resolution when the picture is codified by squares and displayed by picels? And we'll see many examples. Otherwise, you'll have a feeling that most of the material is a piece of information from the directory without explanation.

Usually, computer graphics imply a three-dimensional schedule and programming in this area. Why is there a evasion of the vegetation schedule and video?

Three-dimensional tiger you can find in any other way. computer schedulethey're available online. The course is continuing, Videotechnology, as it is being prepared online and is being updated for students in the 3 courses of the IEMU Department of ICT in a unique version.

Why are the work subject to strict formalization requirements?