компьютерной графики и

Computer Schedule 244 Hours

aud348.jpgThe Engineering Cafédre is equipped with the most modern means of educating students in accordance with the requirements of today for future graduates of our University. The computer park of the cafeteria is continuously updated and expanded, introduced into the educational process and successfully used a computer test class in aud 335b per 9 machines, and the computer-assisted computer testing facility is used by the lycensed and accredited by the Ministry of Education, ACT-TEST, with a base of tests for all the subjects taught by the cafeteriatrics and teachers.
Universal computer design classes have been established in 348 and 424 audits of the Engineering Café. 29 modern multimedia computers and visual aids (Multimide Projectors) are equipped with auditors.DSC02273.jpg Compass V12 PRO is used for the exercise, with the necessary library kit, as well as free Compass LT software, which enables students to successfully perform the necessary tasks at home and to use it in distance or distance learning. The versions of the software are constantly being updated to enable students to use new skills and skills in the learning process.
The PK configuration allows students to be trained in all skills and skills in the teaching subjects of the Intelligent Gemetry, the Engineering Schematics and the Computer graphics to be necessary students and to be able to make a solid simulation of any complexity in the course of training.
The Engineering Café is one of the most demanded cafés of our University, and the vast majority of students in the first and second courses are successfully trained in our cafeteria, which allows them to apply their knowledge and skills to future engineers and specialists in future senior courses.

As soon as possible, a new universal computer class in 424 class 1 hulls per 18 machines will be put into operation at the cafeteria, thus the total computer park of the cafeteria will exceed 60 PCs and stand in one row with the largest at our University.

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