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Computer Booking

Вячеслав ЛисневскийOne of the leading post-sale professionals, the head of the Pixel Bears studio and the founder of the Online VFX School, Dmitri Shirokov.

Viacheslav Linevsky

Viacheslav Linevsky: " The Gemini Project " is our creative fantasy that Kinodanz producer has given us. The writers and I have come up with the whole world: here we have a complex alien structure and a new planet, and a spaceship with its unique physics and costumes. The main difficulty is the small experience of filming in Russia. There are technicians, but they can be counted on their fingers.

Данила ЛаврентьевDaniel Lavrentiev

Daniel Lavrentiev (VFX-studio Kinodanz producer): We just started producing schedules for the Gemini Project. Fantastic is a complex genre for us because we have to do conceptual effects, that is, things that are not natural. But it's a good experience to catch the director's vision, and by graphics, to send it to the writer. We planned for post-producation somewhere around six months.

Дмитрий ШироковDmitri Shirkov: What does it feel like you're doing and what's not working out of what you were planning on taking off?

Dmitri Shirokov

Vyacheslav Linevsky: Fortunately, with our VFX crews, I don't work for the first time. They're pretty good at the details. There's a lot of holograms in this film, virtual screens, even if it's a near future, but still the future, full details. The masterpiece designed all the spacecraft interfaces.

Секция Digital Summit на форуме Kinopoisk Film MarketWe were planning to do the whole thing with CG, but we finally stopped at 50/50. The actor's gonna have a special suit we're gonna finish with the VFX: it's gonna have electricity and other effects.

In general, everyone approaches the schedule as seriously as possible, we had a bonus, so no surprises. Guys always show that they're making up and it looks very realistic, that's what I expected.

Digital Summit at Kinopoisk Film Market

It was very difficult to show in Moscow something else-- a real city of the future with excess traffic. There's a lot to do with the concept, and then with the implementation. But what I've seen is an international level.

Павел Семерджян (слева направо) Вячеслав Лисневский, Данила Лаврентьев, Арман Яхин, Александр Горохов, Дмитрий Киселев, Павел Семерджян Секция Digital Summit на форуме Kinopoisk Film Market Секция Digital Summit на форуме Kinopoisk Film Market

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