3D визуализация, 3D анимация, архитектурная анимация, флеш

Computer Graphics Studio

Студия компьютерной графики и дизайна для старших школьников (14+)Event added to


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Idwen's computer technology center is inviting school kids to the studio. computer schedules and design.

The course is more senior because the training curriculum offers the opportunity to develop plant and vector graphic editors at a sufficiently high professional level and to assess their prospects in the field of medicine. They will be able to meet the features of the most popular and demanded professions of graphic design, photoscuity, web-based, three-dimensional simulation, video industry. The course will also be useful to those guys who want to learn how to handle their family photos, to create for their own needs any polygraph products: cards, calendars, postcards, and many others. It can always be useful in life.

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