Презентация на тему: Компьютерное геометрическое моделирование

Main Areas Of Computer Graphics

Computer graphics Division
and computing optics

Since the beginning of the development of computer (machine) graphs as a stand-alone science, the M.V.Keldish Privy Institute has been one of the leading scientific centres in the country.
In 1977, the Institute of Applied Mathematics established a computer graphics sector because of the importance of this discipline in the educational and research fields of informatics. Founder of sector (and from 1985 to Division) - .
The first computer-based development in our country is in the second half of the 1960s. They began in the institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences (in Moscow, Novosibirsk) to create a means of visualizing the results of scientific calculations. The GRAFOR Graphic Library, which was established in the IPM mainly in the first half of the 1970s, has been widely used in the USSR and Eastern European countries to automate engineering, engineering, aviation, architecture and other areas.
The Computer Schedules Division played and played a significant role in the organization and conduct of international conferences on computer schedule and machine vision, which takes place in Russia annually, starting in 1991.
The Division actively cooperates with Russian and foreign companies. Cooperation with the Japanese company is the most notable example of a combination of basic and applied research.
The Computer Scheduling Division has been active in collaboration with, among other things, the graduates and students of the MOU are involved in the research work of the Division.
Since 2002, the Division has been working with research.
Presently the head of the department is a doctor of mathematical sciences

Main activities of the Division:

· Development of methodologies, algorithms and software for physically sound light dissemination modelling in optically complex environments.

· Creation of mathematical methods for the modelling of optical lighting systems, including liquid crystal displays, vehicle panels, lights and systems based on them.

· Modelling and algorithms for the calculation of light dispersal in multi-layer paints with complex micro and nanostructures used in modern road paints and printer ink. Provide appropriate visualization tools.

· Methods and algorithms of physically sound visualization at real time.

· Optical measurements of the properties of optically complex surfaces: paint samples, reflexors, liquid crystal panels, etc.

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