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Animation Artist And Computer Graphics

From 10 to 19 August, in Crimea, the All-Russian Youth Education Forum, Tavrida-2016, was held in the Bokal cosa by young directors, producers, theatre actors and films, multipliers.

For the first time, the Forum ' s animation section was represented not only by masters, classes, but also by creative groups. The members of the panel in the animation section were supervised by the faculty of animation and multimedia of VGIC: Dean of the Faculty of Animation and Multimedia of E.G. Yaremenco; the head of the Cinema and computer graphics of S.M. Sokolov; the head of the drawing film of N.B. Dabigia; the head of the Cinema.

The participants included not only those with experience in animation, but also those who decided to meet animation for the first time. In the course of the Section ' s 9-day work, the topics of animational rolls were proposed, scenarios were approved and analysts were established. In the pursuit of the designs, the mentors directed the boys to various animation technologies, such as: substantive animation, manual and computer relays, disguise technology, liveliness and large plastic animation. It is with these technologies that the Forum participants will be able to meet in workshops and exercises.

Schools were held on:

  • "Only a doll animation" N.B. Dabija;
  • Creation of a full animation film by S.M. Sokolov;
  • "A painter's job is an animation film player" T.N. Ilina;
  • E.G. Yaremenko

As a result of the work of the animation section, four anaesthetic rolls were removed and presented in total:Presentation of the Tawrid Forum"in picselation technology; "Transition" in basic animation techniques, manual and computer relays, swelling technologies, surviving paintings, voluminous plastic animation and computer schedules; The Tawrid Forum Exposure in the technique of substantive animation and voluminous plastic animation; the Sweet Ferry in the technique of reconciling the real-out actors with voluminous animation.

This fruitful outcome has been achieved through intense practical work in the animation pavilions and the creative enthusiasm of all participants in the forum.

A postgraduate at the VHIC 2 course, Maria won a grant of 300,000 thousand roubles (maximum amount of possible) for the implementation of her creative project,An angel's prayer"on the project line that goes through the Tavrids."

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