Виды компьютерной графики

Types Of Computer Graphs, Vegetation Vector

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Fractales attract attention, vomit, hypnotize. Many believe, however, that such images are merely earmarks that are good only on the monitor ' s screen or as applications for various polygraph products. There's not enough to know that it's just a simplicity. In fact, the charter schedule is quite complex and is the result of merging mathematics and arts. Today, fractales are one of the most promising, fast-growing Computer graphs

Before we begin our consideration of the charter schedule, we will consider what is computer or machine, graphs, and the generally accepted classification of computer graphics (Computer Graphics, CG).width="290" This notion was relatively recent, in the 1960s, when electronic computing devices were invented. The term " computing schedule " is treated differently in different sources. Some define it as a field of informatics dealing with various images (figures, drawings, multipliers) on a computer. The computer schedule covers all types and forms of presentation of images available to human perceptions on the monitor screen or in the form of a copy on the outer media (book, tissue, film, etc.). In other sources, the computer schedule is referred to as a special area of informatics, which examines the methods and means of creating and processing images through software applications.

In a broad sense, the word computer schedule is everything that uses visual, image media on the monitor. If the concept is narrowed to practical use, a computer schedule could imply the creation, processing and removal of different images by computer.

Depending on the way in which the images are formed, the computer schedule is divided into vegetation, vector and fractical (Figure 1).

Рис. 1. Типы компьютерной графики: а — растровая; б — векторная; в — фрактальная Рис. 2. Пример фрактальности в природе — капуста Романеску Рис. 4. Изображения множеств Жюлиа (а) и Мандельброта (б)