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3D an animator is a three-dimensional professional who builds computer characters for gambling animation, traffic in modelled and site. In high lemons, the 3D animator's art is to breathe into the character of the soul and make a living, inspired world around.

3D animator, making life on a screen like God on earth.

The profession of director animator has no similarities in other arts, although it takes almost all forms of artistic creation. She's like an artist, an actor, a musician, a sculptor, if anything, even an illusionist. In general, it is not comparable to anything. "

Fyodor Hitruk, Multiplicator director

The name of the profession is derived from the Latin word "anima " , which is translated as an " douche " . Box 3D indicates that the animator works with funds computer schedules in three-dimensional area (with three dimensions: length, width, height). In English, the word " measurement " is translated as "dimensions " , so a reduced version 3D has been adopted.

The 3D animator is a new profession that has arisen at the same time as the introduction of computer programmes that have made it possible to process three-dimensional schedules. Although the 3D animator uses modern computer technology, the classic principles of animation, known since Walt Disney, have been used in the profession. In modern educational institutions, the principles of disincentives, a set of technological techniques that create a true image with a true dynamic, are obligatory to study.

In 2009, the first 3D-Multifem Nasha Masha and Magic Nuts came out in Russia. Then there was the Belle and the Arrow.3д аниматор Star dogs and Mash and Bear 3Ds and Fixys, popular around the world and highly competitive with foreign Multy. The 3-D animation industry worldwide is developing at a rapid pace and is waiting for new great names and discoveries, so the 3-D animator is extremely demanding.

3d animator 3d аниматор Продуктовый дизайнер Бэк-энд разработчик (Back-end developer)

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