Краткая история спецэффектов в кино — Как изменились спецэффекты в

Use Of Computer Graphics In Films

Following the release of the first trailer of the World War film, many users of the network began to disturb that the dinosaurs in the 2015 picture were worse than in the original 1993. In the meantime, there have been intense debate among filmmakers about the high cost of relying on a computer schedule: for example, Interstellar and the seventh episode of Star Wars have been filmed in an attempt to reduce its number to a minimum.

In this regard, TJ decided to deepen the history of special effects in the movies and go through her chosen gahas, from the first animation to the seizure of movements and 3D.


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The movie without special effects was very short. People who opened up a new art quickly started to figure out how to show on the screen what they used to be exclusively in their fantasy.

The first animation films have become part of modern computer graphics, increasingly reaching photorealism. Most often, they were painted by the authors of the comic books that were popular at the time, so the current rapture of heroes in the movies could be considered a kind of return to the roots.

It started with the simplest animation shorts, the creators of which, with each new footage, they changed a little bit of the original image on the meal board to get the moving pieces on the tape. The first of the work that has been carried out so far has been the 1906 picture of the Jumoristic expressions of funny people, which is exactly what it says in her name.

The first successful animation film, often erroneously referred to as " the oldest cartoon " , was the Dinosaur Gertie of 1914. The establishment of a short film on non-people brontosaurus required titanical work: 10,000 drawings were prepared for it on the thin sheets of the rice paper.