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scientific work on "Computer technology in modern paintings." Science paper on Arts, Arts

BC 85.143
S.A. Areas
Computer technology in modern paintings
S.A. Prokhorov
Computer Technologies in Modern Painting
The working methods of modern artists with photographic and computer equipment are described. The concept of " computer art " has been analysed, including both traditional arts carried over to the new environment, a digital basis that simulates the original material host and a fundamentally new type of artistic production, the basic environment of which is the computer environment. The article considers modern computer paintings as an example of its new directions over the past 12 years, such as digital painting, graffiti, or serial art, street-art 3D, mass-surrealism, superficiality. Key words: art, painting, computer painting, computer schedule, architecture and design, innovation and painting.
The article describes methods of works used by modern artists-painters who apply photographic and computer techniques. The study analyzes concept “computer art” including both products of traditional art transferred to the new environment on the digital basis simulating the initial material carrier, and essentially new kinds of works of art which exist in the computer environment. In the article, modern computer painting is shown on an example of its new directions for last twelve years, such as digital painting, graffiti or a spray-art, street-art 3D, weights surrealism, superplane.
Key words: art, painting, computer painting, the computer drawing, architecture and design, innovations and painting.
Computer art (digital art) is defined as creative activities based on the use of information (computer) technologies that result in artistic works (Figure 1) [1].
Rhys. 1. Digital painting.
Nicholas Marek Denko
The term may be applied to works of art originally created using other media or scanned images, as well as those modified by computer software.
To date, the concept of " computer art " encompasses traditional arts, which have been transferred to the new environment to a digital basis, simulating the original material host (when.). ♪