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Animation And Computer Schedule Of The Bond

The Multimedia Director ' s Café, organized in 1999, was a new professional development in Russia, 071102.65 " Multimedia programme director " , one of the most modern and most demanded specialties. Since its inception, the cafeteria has gained unique experience in the training of professionals in the new form, producing a variety of multimedia products, virtual reality systems, and film and television specialists using advanced computer technologies.

The Chair has a unique pedagogical composition that brings together artists, practitioners, eminent academics in the field of audio-visual arts (kino, television, multi-media) professionals in multimedia, computer technology and screen directory. The purpose of the specialization of the " Multimedia directory " is largely determined by the characteristics of the director ' s profession, which, in its own work on the basis of its own artistic design, creates multimedia and multimedia, combining the artists ' arts into a single whole artwork. computer schedules and animationsa video operator, a photographer, a composer, a sound engineer, implementing the full range of new computer applications. The unique studios of the multimedia department are equipped with up-to-date hardware and software to lead producer firms that enable the most complex multimedia projects to be implemented using three-dimensional graphs, special effects and animation. Students have a new multifunctional set of interactive technologies.

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