Компьютерная графика

Artificial Computer Schedule

Компьютерная графикаToday, the computer is naturally part of the school and is another effective technical means by which the learning process can be substantially varied. Computer, with its universal capabilities, develops creativity, attention, combined thinking, imagination of the child. Given the various graphic effects, the computer provides an opportunity for continuous improvement, and the learning interest identifies and realizes the potential of students, adds to search and creative activities. Art work on computers, study of various graphic programmes, promotes aesthetic education and new development of reality, develops artistic circles, identifies and develops the artistic skills of students.
Today, a new type of institution is not possible without an art and graphic computer course. The use of computers becomes an organic part of the educational process at the Children ' s Arts School.
Computer schedule is a new subject linking technology and art, painting and composing with computer capabilities, and it is therefore important to place emphasis on synthesis and cross-fertilization of arts and computer technologies in the course of computer graphics. Study Pride computer scheduleseducating a new creative potential and, in parallel, contributing to the full development of a young artist. Thus, the aim is to learn not only the possession of computer drawings, but also the use of those tools for creativity. To teach young artists to make computers, it means transfer them to a new level of artistic creation.
The computer ' s unlimited ability fully justified the interest of students. Exploring computers in modern society has become natural and necessary. The main purpose of these exercises is to teach a growing man to think himself, develop fantasy and translate his ideas through various computer programmes.
Involving a child to a multi-dimensional image of computer literacy, it is possible to raise an educated, multi-faceted modern man. Since 1995, Elena Borisovna Harlamov ' s artistic unit has been teaching a computer schedule at the DSHI. It has developed a curriculum on this fundamentally new subject. At a time when the relevance and use of the computer graphics are being taken into account, Elena Borisovna has continuously increased the scope of the course by introducing new and new learning opportunities. ♪ ♪