Компьютерная. графика

Xikin Barracks Computer Schedule

Disciplinary training

136 hours.

of these:


54 hours.



individual sessions


46 hours.


Brief annotated course:

Rastr schedule. Two- and three-dimensional separation. Mathematical apparatus of elemental transformation of the point on the plane and in space. Video footage and video-adapter programming. Removal of invisible lines and surfaces in three-dimensional images. Calculation of lighting models and creation of realistic images.

Teaching literature:

  1. Selkin V.V. The bases of computer graphics. Taganrog: TPTU, 1998, 134c
  2. Rogers D. Algorithmic M.: Peace, 1989, 504 s.
  3. Manual for Laboratory Work of the Rapid Pillar, Compiler V. V. Seljkin, Taganrog, TPTU, N 2150-1, 1995.
  4. E.V. Shikin, A.V. Boreskov. Computer schedule. Dynamics, realistic images. Dialogue MIFI, 1995, 287 s.
  5. R. Wilton. IBM PC and PS/2 personal computer systems. Programming Manual. M. Radio and communications, 1994, 384 c.
  6. V.P. Ivanov, A.S. Batrakov. Three-dimensional computer schedule. M. Radio and communications, 1995, 224 c.
  7. John Corrigan. Computer schedule. Secrets and decisions, pepper from anglole, M. Entro, 1995, 350 s.
  8. I started computer schedules. Underground. Shikin E.V.M.: Dialog-IIFI, 1993, 138 s.
  9. Rogers D., Adams J. Mathematical bases of machine graphics.
  10. Ammeral L. Programming Principles in the engine schedule. Per. from the English. Sal Systems, 1992.
  11. Ammeral L. Car schedule on personal computers. Per. from the English. Sal Systems, 1992.
  12. Ammeral L. Interactive three-dimensional machine schedule. Per. from the English. Sal Systems, 1992.
  13. Ammeral L. Planning of the Tourbo C.- Per. from the English. Sal Sistem, 1992
  14. Frolov A.V., G.V. Froloves. CGA, EGA and VGA videotapes. Dialogue MIFI, 1992, 287 s.

Subjects of lectures in discipline:

  • Section 1. Introduction to the engine schedule (4 hours).
  • Section 2. Computer video system (12 hours).
  • Section 3. Vegetable algorithms (8 hours).
  • Section 4. Geometrics of the plane (4 hours).
  • Section 5. Double sections (8 hours).
  • Section 6. Geometrics of space (2 hours).
  • Section 7. Three-dimensional separations and removal of invisible lines and surfaces (12 hours).
  • Section 8. Realistics (4 hours).
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