Выводы Компьютерная графика

Research Computer Schedule

The total number of teachers in the cafeteria is over 11,000 hours per year.
Training courses:
The following courses are available at the Ministry of Science and Technology:

  • Mechanics and strength, Mechanica, Applied Mechanics.
  • Basis of construction (PCM), foundations of construction and SAPR.
  • Theory of machines and machines.
  • Methods of mathematical modelling of physical processes.
  • Integrated applications and computer schedule (AutoCAD, Compas).
  • Basis of the building of the NPP.
  • Diagnostic damage by destruction.
  • Installation of AEC equipment;
  • Welding and welding structures of AEC;
  • Vehicles and mechanisms;
  • Methods for computing the strength of the NPP components;
  • Maintenance of the NPP;
  • Purchasing of AEC;
  • Installation geometry;
  • Engineering schedule, computer schedule;
  • Construction and repair of turbochargers and NPP pumps;
  • Device and repair of nuclear power reactors;
  • Arrangements and repairs of vapour generators and heat exchangers of AEC;
  • Construction and repair of pipelines and AEC fixtures;
  • Maintenance of the NPP.
  • In addition, courses are offered to students in the individual training plan for the Vental Company: Theoretical Mechanics (Static);
  • Theory of pulp and plastic;
  • Construction mechanics;
  • Calculation and design of metal designs;
  • The foundations of the architecture.
  • The focus is on practical and self-sustaining exercises. Practical courses are conducted: Mechanics and Strength, Mechanica, Applied Mechanics;
  • Basis of construction (PCM), foundations of design and SAPR;
  • Mathematical methods for modelling physical processes;
  • Integrated application processes and computer schedule (AutoCAD, Compas);
  • Basis of the building of the NPP;
  • Diagnosis of damage by destruction;
  • Engineering timetable;
  • Decontamination of equipment and recycling of radioactive waste;
  • Maintenance of the NPP;
  • Decontamination of equipment and recycling of radioactive waste.
  • Theoretical mechanic (Static);
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