русской детской книги 2016

Basis Of The Computer Graphics Book

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ICR/Magistry Dissertations led by a teacher Level of education Year
Visual ecology in graphic design. Development of a firm style for a company of dairy products Magistrates 2017
Formulation of collotic skills at junior high schools in computer graphics. Firm style of child art school Bachelor ' s 2016
Education for the basic design of polygraphs at art school. Original Maquet of Child Book
Educational activities of junior high schools aimed at developing artistic expressions in additional computer graphics. Development of a centre for children with disabilities
The role of colour in creative thinking in primary school children. Original maquet of the Chinese restaurant
Artificial design as a means of developing creative thinking in junior classes. Creation of a firm design style
Secondary school students are taught in art classes. Development of corporate style for a commercial bank
Create polygraphs in extracurricular activities of adolescents in the arts. Original Mocket of the Diploma of Arts and Decorative Arts 2015
Schoolchildren are trained in art classes in posters. Original-maket of the Purgatory Projects of the Livestocks.
Development of color skills in additional computer graphics. Development of a manual on the use of the German University ' s firm style
Advertising at general school. Products for Computer graphics
Methods of education for secondary school children to create social posters. Development of a series of social posters on animal abuse
Secondary education. ♪ ♪
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