10 фильмов года с лучшими

Best Computer-Based Films

The Cinema has published a list of 10 2015 films that will fight the cherished gold statue in the nominating " Best Visual Effects " . I've seen almost everything, and I'd like to share my views on the chances of winning each of them.

" Ms. Era Altrona "

The second " big " film in the Kinusell Marvel does not give rise to visual tips. Although most of the exit scenes are well-trained by a computer schedule, and some, for example, the battle of the Iron Man with Halk, are almost entirely on the computer, there is no chaoticity of the Transformers. The charts, dear, Altron, the Iron Man's suits and Vigen look organic and almost natural. In addition, an effective stage of the chase adds a film of glasses for "living" tricks.

Definitely one of my favourites on the list.

Star Wars: Facilitating the Force

Of course, another favourite in the nomination. George Lucas ' s original trilogy has made a breakthrough in the mushroom, combined films and the use of a dose of animation.

J.J. Abrams was able to hold a high-profile plan. Imagine, the charoid astrodroroid BB-8 is real, he's moved on his own, and almost all the tricks are done himself. A " 100-year-old sokole " was also set up in a natural amount with all the details of the interior.

Computer schedule in film It's also high: Maz Kanat's old smuggler looks amazing.


The second Marvel on the list could not be praised by the same size as the Altron, but that did not prevent him from showing some interesting effects. The smooth transition of a hero from the size of man to an ants and back to the summer deserves respect. The scene of escape from prison was also surprisingly alive and dynamic, which played a film in hand.

But I'm adding a spoon to the deuce: the ants themselves lack naturality, and the effects of the film are not much compared to other applicants.

Future Earth

Bred Bird's fiction film was also attached to Disney, but I don't see the " Earth of the Future " as a result of such competition.