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Computer-Based Olympics

Bachelor ' s Day: People ' s Computer Executions sent by children from Bashkortostan, Chuvash Republic, Perm and Stavropol Krai, Vlogod, Moscow, Murman, Smole


W. A. Ptitsin, Senior Professor of IHOHU Physics and Mathematics Department, webinare:
1. She'll tell you the features of the Olympiad National Shadow, her relationship to parenthood and other humanitarian objects.
2. She's reviewing all the Internet-Olimpiads of the National Shadow, showing the participants' work.
3. The People ' s Watch Tool3 will be detailed: from the design of the Shadow Model to its programming at PascalABC. This will address the typical gaps in mathematical models and the Internet-Olimpiad Internet code of past years.

Ilya Andreievich is a student of 11B (year of the Olympics), a student of informatics: Granatkin Olga Mihaylovna, the People ' s Diplomacy League of the Republic of Komi, made the following computer processing by the people ' s people ' s ear (prototypes). That's how Ilya justified his choice of disgrace: "the fundamental shame of the People's Coalition is the shame called the Deer Rogue." It's one of the most important and popular ornaments of the peoples of the Republic of Komi. It's still on its clothes, on the malls, on the shirts and on the barrels and hats. And it's not just that. In the Republic of Komi, the reindeer has a rich symbolic meaning. It represents beauty, grace, speed, strength, obsolescence; symbolizes despair, goodness and purity."
Target 1 Olympiads-2016: record the algorithm of this eclipse, which includes: the allocation of a basic figure for disgrace and a sequence of basic transformations (shift, reflection, plant-compression, tidal) that lead to the building of a given shame.
Note: " Base figures for disgrace " , we shall call figures, using which and making basic changes (moving, reflection, pluging, tidal) can be built.