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Computer Schedule Best Film

Since the late 1970s, the computer schedule (CGI) has become one of the main tools in Hollywood, and this has ended up in an entire industry. IGate made a set of 20 best movies with computer graphic effects.

Today is a computer schedule. You can see almost everything on the big screen. The Jungle Book, which was screened on 6 April 2016, is a good example. It's a full recalculation of the classic anaesthetic film of 1967 at the Disney studio. Here we see the surprisingly realistic CGI models of animals with which Maugli meets deep in the jungle.

Before the new jungle Book appeared, there were hundreds or even thousands of other CGI films. IGate chose 20 best.

20. 300 Spartans (2006)

The orange tone, the show in comics and all the famous history, is the new shielding of Frank Miller's novel about the blood battle of the spartans who managed to resist their superior power. Zach Snyder was able to show us that there's only an actor and a green background, and a new aesthetic of a well-established genre.

19. " Amazing story of Benjamin Button (2008)

Since the 1980s, the directors, Frank Oz and Stephen Spielberg, have been trying to figure out how to imagine the history of a man whose life turns back. Finally, in the 2000s technology, they were developed so that they could be used by David Fincher in his film, where Brad Pitt himself took the lead.

18. Sin Home (2005)

Frank Miller's work once again allowed us to enjoy the game of Robert Rodríguez, who was able to convince a legendary writer to work with him in the director's chair. High-end black-and-white pictures with bright flashes and a unique workforce, all of which were made possible only through CGI tools.

17. Rayon No. 9 (2009)

To make aliens more realistic, director Neil Blomkamp created crab-like creatures with a very strange body structure. Before he became a director, he worked for years on special effects. Obviously, it helped him raise visual effects to amazing altitudes.