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Computer Timing Multimide

Multimedia - is a modern computer information technology that combines text, sound, video display, graphic image and animation(s).
Multimide is the amount of technologies that allow computers to inject, process, store, transfer and display (disseminate) data types such as text, schedule, animation, digitized stationary images, videos, sound, speech.
The emergence of multimedia systems is certainly making revolutionary changes in the fields of education, computer training, many fields of professional activity, science, art, computer games, etc.
The emergence of multimedia systems has been prepared both with the requirements of practice and with the development of the theory. However, the sharp breakthrough in this direction over the past few years has been achieved primarily by technological and systemic development. This is also progress in the development of PEVM: sharply increased memory, rapid action, graphic capabilities, external memory, and advances in video equipment, laser disks, analog and CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, as well as their mass implementation.
The MULTIMEDIA (which in the English version means "multifulness") has the cherished dream of most computer users.
This concept offers info-pmation technology based on a practical-appapriation complex that has a core in the form of a computer with the wiring of audio and video equipment.
Multimia-technology allows for the task of automating intellectual activities to be combined with the EVM ' s capabilities with the traditionality for our eruption of sound and video infopmation, to synthesize the trails (star, text and graphics, video).
Multimedia info-pmation not only has tradable statistical elements: text, graph, but also dynamic: video, audio and animation sequences.

Presentations (graphs)

These include vegetary grafics and pests; the latter include oxifts obtained by means of seizing, grabberries, scanners, as well as those established on the computer.
The network schedule is presented mainly by two file formats - GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and JPG (Joint Photographics Experts Group). Both formats are compressive, i.e. they are already compressed. The compression, however, is an optimum choice. ♪ ♪