Подборка удивительно четкой и

Computerized Photo Schedule

Медиа-форумThe official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is waiting for an apology.

Photos that sealed the impact of the shelling of schools in Syria are nothing more than computer schedule♪ This was illustrated by an expert analysis of the images made in the village of Haas (Idlib province) by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zahara.

" There was no school shelling and no victims were either, writing Zahab on his Facebook page. - Photos are a computer schedule. Killed schoolchildren are a terrible fantasy of activists and Al-Jazira with the Independent. The official warning of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalls that, on the eve of the head of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Marc Eiro, stated that either Moscow or Damascus were responsible for the shelling of schools in Syrian Idlib.

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