Computing Graphics For Children

" He remains the greatest foreign guest ever seen in Paris " , written by the French hetoric and the State official Alfred Nikola Rambo.

“For our people's pride, it has been very stalemate that the winner of Carl XII is going to study France and distract it”, we find in the notes from the Duke de Richelier.

Peter I was going to Paris with an idea of what he might have been interested in in the French capital. What did he want to see first? What of the knowledge and impressions gained had an impact on science, culture and public life in Russia?

Participation in our competition is an opportunity to conduct our own research. We invite you, in the spirit of the Petrovian era, to make a fascinating game, a guide to use, an explanation of the principle of a novel or gift brought from France, or to make a model of paper itself (disseminating paperwork), an interior (sing house) or clothing (paper doll).

Best work will be done for games and classrooms at the Night of the Ermitage Museum on 20 May 2017.


♪ Identification and support of creatively gifted children;
♪ Building the interest of a growing generation in the history and artistic heritage of different ages;
♪ Rehabilitating children with respect to architectural and cultural monuments;
♪ Being able to use sources of information in their work.

Conditions of the competition:

Date of competition: 19 February to 30 April 2017

Competition organizers:

• The Volonaires Branch of the State Hermitage (www. );
♪ Academia Computing Centre (www.ucvt.org);

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