Безумный Макс: Дорогая

Why Is Computer Schedule So Expensive

Майкл Джексон, Энди Уорхол и самый дорогой pop-up магазинLiving pop legend is back on stage, a series of new digital ports of Warhol and the most expensive pop-up shop for 1 million pounds from Saint Martins students.

Three of the most interesting events of the world of culture in our art Daigest.

Michael Jackson's head.

Last night, the guests of the annual musical ceremony, Billboard Music Awards, witnessed a shocking event, and at the end of the ceremony, Michael Jackson arrived on the stage, more specifically his hologram. The projection of the great artist performed the song " Slave to the Rhythm " from the new album XSCAPE and repeated the moon trip and other most famous pop legend movements.

12 unknown works by Andy Warhol

Two years before his death, the great master of pop art, Andy Warhol, took a hard time. computer schedule Recently, a series of portraits by Warhol on Amiga 1000, the world ' s first personal computer, was found to have removed images in more than 4096 colours. The images were found on the diskette by the artist Corey Arkangel. Warhol created them in 1985!

The most expensive pop-up shop in the world from students. Central Saint Martins

Second year in a row, students at the Central Saint Martins Department of Graphic Design organize the world's most expensive pop-up shop, but this time with a completely new mission, lower prices. During the whole week, 940 exclusive works of art with an initial value of Pound1 million will be sold, but their price will fall significantly every time you swirl the Internet site. You can lower the prices, too!