Цветовые модели модель RGB

Types Of Colour Models In Computer Schedule


  • Provide students with basic computer graphics
  • to familiarize students with the concepts of image resolution and colour depth
  • teach students to choose the appropriate resolution and colour, depending on the purpose of the image
  • Provide information on major colour models


There are several types of computer graphics. We'll consider in detail two of them:

  • vector images
  • Vegetables (or peaks, or beatings)
Vector scheduleRapid schedule
Rhys. 1.1♪ Rastral and vector graphics refer to different types computer schedules

Vector graphics are created from objects that are described by so-called parametric equations. The objects consist of contour and bays (in private case, absent (transparent). Since the elements of such images are described in formulas, vector images do not lose quality in scale and have a small volume of file.

Vector images are used in drawings, graphs, charts, maps; vector charts, book covers and magazines, even multipliers.

Such images are created in special programmes - editors such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash, Corel Draw, Autodesk Autocad and others. Because vector images are described by equations, we can't see them in "this" form.

Equation means nothing if you can't see their results, so the vector images we see in the form of vegetation on the screen or on the printed page (i.e. small-size-points).

The creation of vector images can be compared to the collection of Lego designers or the establishment of an appendix.

Battle graphic images, also referred to as vegetation, are obligated by the existence of a small discrete element forming a recognized image.

Rhys. 1.2. Example of stone mosaic