Виды изображений

Types Of Images On Computer Schedule

The computer schedule has now been developed as a hardware and software science for a variety of images from simple drawings to realistic images of natural objects. The computer schedule is used in almost all scientific and engineering disciplines to demonstrate and understand, transmit information. Applicable in medicine, advertising, entertainment, etc. The final product of the computer graphics is the image. This image can be used in different areas, for example, as a technical drawing, an illustration of the details in the manual on exploitation, a simple diagram, an architectural type of intended design or project design, an advertisement or an image from a mill.

The following tasks are discussed in the computer schedule:
  1. Presentation of the image on the computer schedule;
  2. Preparing visualization;
  3. Image creation;
  4. Image action.

The computer schedule usually understands the automation of graphic information production, conversion, storage and reproduction by EMS.

Graphic information refers to objects ' models and images.

The interactive computer schedule is the same as the use of the computer to produce and reproduce images, but the user has the ability to rapidly change the image directly in the reproduction process, i.e. the possibility of working with a real-time dialogue schedule.

Interactive schedule is an important Computer graphicswhen the user is able to dynamically control the contents of the image, its shape, size and colour on the display surface by using interactive control devices.

  • The most natural means of communication with the computer;
  • A well-developed two-dimensional and three-dimensional model recognition mechanism allows for very rapid and efficient understanding and processing of different types of data. As the old Chinese ambassador says, "One painting is worth 1,000 words."
  • It allows for a significant expansion of the bandwidth in human contact with the computer by using a reasonable combination of text, static and dynamic. ♪ ♪