И это не компьютерная графика

Japanese Computer Schedule

Компьютерная графика в картинах японского художника Ютака КагайяJutaka Kagaya (Yutaka Kagaya) was born in Japan, a little norther than Tokyo (formerly in Saithami), in 1968. At the beginning of his creativity, Yutaka Kagaya was the shaper of the planetariums and provided illustrations for astronomy magazines. But he's been interested in a computer schedule since 1996, and he's devoted himself to his amazing painting. The artist mostly works in the fantasy style. Yutaka Kagaya ' s knowledge has brought him a great beauty, mysterious and imprecise paintings for which he was used. computer scheduleКомпьютерная графика в картинах японского художника Ютака Кагайя Participating with his work in the international Digital Art Contest in the USA, an artist took an honourable first place.
All Jutaka Kagaya paintings can be divided into several thematic clusters:
1. Astronomical issues: galaxies, stars, unknown planets, etc.
2. Constellation, based on allegori considerations, combined by an artist in the album called Star Talks.
3. Fantasy paintings. They combine symbolism and antiquities. The computer schedule is also used in this album called the Heaven Road.
4. An album called Zodiaca's.
5.Компьютерная графика в картинах японского художника Ютака Кагайя At first glance, realistic stories, thanks to an artist's fantasy and symbolic paint. Thus, an ordinary Japanese locomotive passing through the Hokkaido simplic, presented in one of Yutaka Kagaya ' s works, has acquired some form of conquest.

Since childhood, an artist has been interested in the mystery of the star sky, so his creativity is inextricably linked to them. Computer schedule Allows the artist to express the beauty and mysteriousness of the heavens in his work. Yutaka Kagaya has devoted enough time to work in astronomy, and this experience has been useful in setting up his masterpieces. In spite of the fiction of his work, many pictures of the planet, stars, constellation and astronomical phenomena are clearly and scientifically correct. The Romantic, exquisite and beautiful fantasy has also found a place in the heart and creativity of Yutaka Kagaya. And of course, a computer schedule came back to help the artist.

Компьютерная графика в картинах японского художника Ютака Кагайя Компьютерная графика в картинах японского художника Ютака Кагайя Компьютерная графика в картинах японского художника Ютака Кагайя Компьютерная графика в картинах японского художника Ютака Кагайя

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