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Media-published pictures of the destruction of the Idlib school are a " computer schedule " , and based on " expert analysis " of images, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Maria Zahara. That's what she said on her Facebook page.

" It turns out there was no school shelling and there were no casualties. Photos are a computer schedule. Killed schoolchildren -- the terrible fantasy of " activists " and " Al-Jazira " with Indians " -- noted Zaharova. She also recalled the words of the head of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Marc Eiro, who had charged responsibility for the shelling of the school in Idlib on Moscow or Damascus. “Principal people in such cases apologize. We'll find out, "The representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summed up.

On the eve of Thursday, 27 October, at the Ministry of Defence, photos and videos of the " evidence of the destruction of school " were analysed in the Hassan village of Idlib province. In the agency, images published in a number of foreign media have been described as " installed " .

On 27 October, the Idlib School Aircraft became known. This was reported by the United Nations Children ' s Fund (UNICEF). According to him, 22 children and six teachers were victims of the attack. The country that was allegedly owned by airplanes was not named in the fund.

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