1 Цветовые модели компьютерной

Colour Models On Computer Schedule

Цветовые модели в графике 1 Верещагина Ю.Ю. МОУ СОШ с. Золотая Долина Партизанского района Приморского краяColour models in schedule 1 of Vereshegina Yu.u. MoU OSH with the Golden Dolin of the Partisan Region of the Primoros

We see objects because they emit or reflect light. Light is electromagnetic radiation. The lucids of light upon the glazing of the eyes, make a sense of color. 2

Like the sun and other lighting sources, the monitor lights out. The paper on which the image is printed reflects the light; the addicative asymmetrical, since colour can be obtained during radiation and in reflection, there are two opposite methods of its description: an addicative and subtle colour model. 3

An addicative colour model The colour emitted is described by an addicative colour model. Every video on the colour screen is a combination of three different colours (siren): red, green and blue. Because these are very small, our eyes mix three colors in one.Мы видим предметы потому, что они излучают или отражают свет. Свет – электромагнитное излучение. Лучи света попадая на сетчатку глаза, производят ощущение цвета. 2 Thus, the neighbouring multi-coloured points are mixed with other colours: red + green = yellow; red + blue = purple; green + blue = blue; red + green + green + blue = white. 4

Addicative colour model (add-access) Changing the intensity of the candles of the coloured points can create a large variety of shades. The addicative colour is thus produced by combining the three main flowers, red, green and blue. If the intensity of each of them reaches 100 per cent, then white is produced. The absence of all three flowers is black.Подобно солнцу и другим источникам освещения, монитор излучает свет. Бумага, на которой печатается изображение, отражает свет. аддитивнаясубтрактивная Так как цвет может получиться в процессе излучения и в процессе отражения, то существует два против RedGreenBlue Additive Colour Model, used in computer monitors, has been identified as RGB (Red, Green, Blue). 5

Colour model RGB 6

The subjective colour model Reflected Light is described by a subtrusive colour model. The paper doesn't light, it reflects and absorbs. The eyes of a man take light from a piece of paper. Therefore, a subtractive model is used to print graphic images. The white paper in the lighting of her white light reflects all the colors, the painted paper absorbs part of the flowers and the rest reflects. 7

Subtraactive colour model B is the main colours blue, purple and yellow. Each of them absorbs certain colours from white light falling on the printed page. Hence, the model name is subtractive (subtract - read out). 8