Computer Blacking Schedule

Кафедра инженерной графики ВятГУThe Engineering Cafédre is responsible for the geometry and graphic training of technical students (bachelor ' s and Specialist) in subjects:

" Introductory geometry " , " Engineering Gemetry " , " Engineering and computer schedule " , " Perspectivation " , " Geometric modelling " , " Surveyor " , " Earthworming " , " Micro-building "

Café status

Currently, the cafeteria of the Engineering Schedules has the status of the general technical cafeteria. The Department of Construction and Architecture (FSA) of the Polytechnic Institute of the University of Vita State. Cafédra carries out fruitful educational, methodological, research and educational activities. The cafeteria is composed of the dean of FSA Sinicana Olga Vladimirna, the dean of FSA Vedernikov Jaroslav Dmitrijevic.

History of the Chair

Engineering Cafédre (formerly the Café of Intelligent Geometry and Wormation) is one of the oldest Café of the State University of Vietnam. The first mention of the cafeteria in the WyatGU archives (at the time of the Kirov branch of the All-Union Energy Institute) is dated 14 January 1959. As a structural unit of the Kirovsk Side Polytechnic Institute of the Chartered Geometry and Worms, effective 20 March 1963. In connection with the organization of faculties, since 6 April 1963, the cafeteria of NGIC has been attached to the Masino Construction and Engineering Faculty and, in 1973, to the Engineering Faculty of the Kirov Polytechnic Institute.

Chairs of the IG (NHIC) in different years:

Valentine Nikolayevna key, from 1963 to 1964.
Cantor Rafail Borisovich - 1964-1974
Cause of Anatoly Feodosievic, 1974-1975