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Computer Compass Assignments

Участники номинации по КОМПАС-3D среди школьников

Outcome of the 21I Novosibirsk Regional Computer Schematics Competition

If SAPR, like the tennis, had its big helmet tournaments, the Novosibirsk Regional Competition would certainly be one of them. More than 100 Siberia students and schoolchildren compete here every year in the interior geometry, engineering and computer schedule, performing paper assignments and the COMPAS-3D design system. Permanent organizer of the competition, the cafeteria of the Novosibir State Architectural University.

This year, the twenty-first competition brought together 130 participants and 44 team leaders representing 37 Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Omsk, Berdsk, Karasuk, Kupino.

Nominating participants on COMPAS-3D among schoolchildren

In the Commission ' s 3D ' s nominees, the competition took place in three age groups: schoolchildren, technicians, university students. The participants ' work was evaluated by the renowned experts in Novosibirsk, CAPAS-3D certifiers: Constantine Volhin, head of the cafeteria of the Novosibirian State Architecture University, Alexei Leibov, Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneur of the State Pedagogical University,Задание по компьютерной графике в КОМПАС-3D для школьников ASCO was represented at the competition by an engineer of the ASCO-West Siberia Dmitri Yakovenko Regional Centre.

Mission computer schedule in COMPAS-3D for schoolchildren

Present to the tournament leaders on the nominating of the " Computer Schedule at COMMAS-3D " .


  • 1 seat - Shalakov Sergei (Novosibir State Pedagogical University)
  • 2 seats - Yashin Andrei (Novosibir State Pedagogical University)
  • 3 seats - Hudin Dmitri (Om State Technical University).
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