Computer Compass Book

Черчение и моделирование на компьютере, КОМПАС-3D LT

Purchase and simulation on computer, COMPAS-3D LT

Grade 9 program.

Author, Master of the MoU ' s " Hatsinsk SS No. 9 " , with in-depth study of individual subjects " ; Methodist of GRMO UHANEV Ver Andreevna

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In 1992, ACON released COMPAS-Schoolnik, the first computer design system for training. On this basis, the Laboratory of Applied Informatics of the Colombian State Pedagogical Institute, led by Professor Alexandre Abramovic of Bogoslavski, has developed the Programme and Methodological Comptroller " School Automated Design System " .

In 2008, the COMPAS-3D LT computer engineering system developed by ASCO came into all Russian schools as part of the Standard Basic Package of First Aid 1.0 as part of the priority national project " Education " .Черчение и моделирование на компьютере, КОМПАС-3D LT The IOMAS-3D professional system, with additional libraries, has been transferred to 6,100 innovative general education institutions in the Specialized Commercial (licensor) software. Each school was licensed online for 50 places and 1 teacher licence. The licenses transferred do not have time limits.

The COMPAS-3D LT teaching methodology is set out in the COMPAS-3D LT education system, sponsored by Professor KGIP A.A. Boguslavski.

COMPAS-3D LT system included Training manuals " Recommended " or " Adopted by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation:

Author - N.D. Ugrinović

The training curriculum is designed to continue to study the " Informatics " course in general education schools, as well as in pre-professional training courses on mathematical and information technology. Consistent with the federal State Educational Standard for Basic General Education (2010).

Author - B. A. Uhanyowa

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