Уроки по 2D и 3D моделированию

Computer Compass 3D

Engineering graphics: Compas-3D V13

On the programme:

Russian three-dimensional hard-wall model Compass-3D V13.

Advantages: convenient interface, easyness, simpleness and work, wide-ranging.

In the course of training, the trainee will learn:

General description of the system, interface, construction.

Two-dimensional modelling: creation and editing of graphic objects, use of links and support facilities.

The general principles of three-dimensional modelling: the process of single parts, different models, three-dimensional assembly, and the associated drawings of the three-dimensional model.

Course duration: 72 academic hours.

Value of courses: 8,000r.

Based on the results of the final examinations, a certificate of the established sample shall be issued.

How to schedule courses:

Additional education should be approached (Ms. Ekaterinburgh, Ul. Pervomai, d. 73, cub. 101) to write a statement and conclude a learning contract.

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