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Computer Graphic Rehearser, Filev Park

Experience:more than 18 yearsFeedback:Assessment:
Towna: Moscow, LjublicaMoscow State Open University of Pedagogical, Pedagogical and Primary Education Technique. Qualification of the Master of Science.
Education: higher, pedagogical
The top category, 13 years of paedistage, conducts individual classes:
- with primary school pupils on basic subjects in the programmes of the Russian School, the 21st Century School, the Harmony, School 2100 and School 2000;
- with pupils in grades 5-6 in Russian, with a view to closing knowledge gaps, improving literacy, preparing for writing (agreements, tests, dictators, monitoring);
- Assistance and monitoring of student household assignments in grades 1-5;
- 5-7 years of school preparation: development of small motors, verbal speech, memory, attention, imagination, initial reading skills, e-mails, accounts based on School 2000 for preschools.Employment and cost:
(in 60 minutes)Rehearser:At the pupil:Remotely:g. Ljubljana, Mr. Luberecki, Ola. Moskovsky
g. Moscow
(Mr. Novokosino, Mr. Vejino-Julbino, Mr. Kosino-Uhtomsky, p. Nepaska)
g. Ljubljana, Mr. Ljublica, v. Moskovsky (Julbino, Cosino, Novokosino, Kojovo, Ljugers, Lubersome Poles, Marusino, Nepaska)
Not interested.9001100Students: preschools, 1-6 classesThe Rehearser for School Preparation is also the Rehearser for Primary, Russian
more than 45 years

Tumash Hope Vasilevna

City: Moscow
  • C.D. Ushinsky College of Pedagogical Sciences, Graduation in Primary, Graduate, 1967-1971
  • All-Universal Engineering Institute (VZISI), Economic Faculty, Graduate, 1971-1977
Education: higher education
Education of pedagogical, higher.
School preparation, primary school teacher (1-4).
I'm 27 years old.
All primary school subjects except foreign languages.Employment and cost:
(in 60 minutes)g. Moscow
(Serpukhov-Timirazev line, Kaluzco-Rij line)1,000Students: preschools, 1-4 classesThe Rehearser for School Preparation is also the Rehearser for Primary Classes
more than 21 years