Курсы графического дизайна

Computer Graphics And Design Schools

” Web-based training courses, teledise, game design in Moscow

In the school, web and computer graphics are given professions:

  • Web-designer (the specialist develops websites, paints commercial banners).
  • Conceptor artist (personal drawing, landscape, computer game architecture).
  • Telediseiner (creativity in telecalls, advertising studios).

The programme does not contain water, lyrical derogations, drainage. Only useful information is training programmes, professional secrets from the guru and knowledge that will be useful in real work will help to become a specialist.

You want a new, exciting career?

Hurry up with graphs or web-based courses, Moscow is the city where you can become a student of the best professionals in your fields. They teach at our school.

Which way?

The point is to love your business. So choose what you're interested in:

  • Web-based and flash drive courses.

You're going to be designing web pages and translating it with a special code.

  • Creation and development of computer games.

Conversion depended on the extent to which the characters, objects and environment would be chained in the game. A talented developer is willing to pay.

  • Curbs of graphics, telethers and special effects.

If you choose this profession, you'll come up with biddings, general broadcasting, television channels, advertisements, films, graphical and audible effects.

By choosing the first two lines, you can work in the office, and remotely, out of the house. The web director has more freedom: for professionals, a lot of offers on Frilans. So, after a web-based school, you can become a full-time employee in the company, in the web studio, or with the same success in finding customers and working for yourself. The televiser is more often " tied " to the studio and runs the dance with directors and editors.

Have you chosen a specialty? Find out more about her:

Each line is demanded and paid. Choose your own, and we'll make a professional of you on the web-based in Moscow.