Компьютерная графика и дизайн

Computer Schedule And Design From Zero

Typical errors of choice
educational establishments:

To chase cheap

A desire to save a price would inevitably affect the quality of teaching. Low prices mean that the teacher receives copies and therefore not qualified. Training should only be trusted by practitioners.

Selection of a non-target learning programme

Before the training begins, it is important to clearly define the purpose you set for your education. And get professional advice from a specialist. Frequently, the incorrect purpose entails an erroneous choice of programme or form of learning. You'll know you're wrong, but you'll lose time and money.

Short-term courses

If you have the task of training the programmer from scratch, short courses in months will not provide sufficient knowledge. In order to understand programming, correctly read the algorithms of decisions and design programme projects, regardless of the final language of implementation, it is important to re-engineer thinking and practice. The experience of the Academy teachers shows that the best time for quality education is 2-5 years. In that case, you can be sure of the result.

Acquisition of the State.

It's been a long time when the State's diploma was the decisive factor in the admission to employment. Employers now assess the knowledge and skills of the researchers. This is particularly relevant in the field of information technology, where the knowledge of programming languages and skills in dealing with new technologies are important.


Self-education is a great thing if you have iron will and a lot of time to find the necessary literature, videos and audio books. But living contact with a practical teacher won't replace it. Much more comfortable and faster learning if there is an opportunity to consult with a specialist who will indicate the right path to error and misstatement.

Rehearsal training

Rehearsal is an alternative to self-education. In this case, you have external control of the faculty and the development of new information can go faster. Still, rehearsal loses classes in a hands-on training curriculum group adapted to industry requirements. One technology can be a good rehearsal, but a set of programming languages and relevant technologies is not. This requires a team of professionals. Moreover, international certificates and diplomas are not issued after the tutor ' s session.

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