Растровый принцип вывода

Computer Scheduling Principle

scientific work on the " Babistic Principles for the Work of Recreational Editors of Computer Programs " . Scientific article on " General and complex issues of science and science "

H. A. Martineenko, A. A. Pavlova
The article lays down the basic principles for the establishment of two-one graphics, how to edit them. Examples of team performance in the COMPAS-3D and AutoCAD systems are given. An analysis of the combined (meta-) teams, tools and actions in various computer systems revealed that the basic principle of the generation and transformation of virtual objects is the same, and only the means and techniques of operations differ.
Keywords: object, editing, modelling, model.
Today, it is difficult to imagine modern industrial production, design and design bureaus without computers and special programmes for design or design.
The use of computer design technologies has proved to be effective, not only by shortening the design and technology documentation timelines, but also by significantly improving the quality of the drawings being produced.
Schools, technicians, colleges and universities are already familiar with some graphic packages of programmes. Students studying computer graphics and three-dimensional modelling, become high-level specialists. They come to production, to design or technology bureaus, prepared for the effective use of modern automated design methods.
In the educational environment, the leaders of the graphic curriculum packages are two systems: K0MnAC-3D, developed by the Russian group of ASCO companies, and Autodesk (USA) AutoCAD.
These and any other graphical programmes provide unlimited work opportunities to the user. Programme windows or interfaces include all Windows-specific elements: menu, instrument panels, dialogue windows, etc. Working with them does not work hard for those who know any office application. One such element is the headline of the window where it is indicated
N. A. Martynenko, A. A. Pavlova
The article describes the basic principles of construction of the two-dimensional graphic objects, methods of editing them. Also the article provides the examples of command execution in KOMPAS-3D and AutoCAD. The analysis of generalized (meta-)commands and tools in different systems has shown that construction and transformation of virtual objects have a similar principle, the difference is just in tools and in techniques of the performance of the operations.

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