Научная, медицинская

Computer Schedule In Medicine

Three-dimensional refurbishment of the VTC ' s " ROV " building. 3D inventory and architecture.

The objective is to develop a multi-functional, interactive three-dimensional model of the buildings of the WTO REC as a basis for the establishment of interlinked applications for the promotion of the Centre ' s products and services, its history, information and reference materials on structure, offices and staff, as well as training, relocation assistance and infrastructure services. An interactive three-dimensional model of the main building and significant premises is being developed and is gradually linked to various electronic resources - historical, advertising, reference, medical, educational and other forms - texts, illustrations, audio, video, animation, 3D.

Development of three-dimensional teaching aids computer schedules For orthopaedic trauma.

These programme products contain three-dimensional interactive scenarios reflecting the consistency of application of the osteosynthesis methodology, principles and features of the manual, as well as the functionality of the reflex osteosynthesis machine. The use of these software products significantly reduces the time of implementation and reduces the number of learning errors, which improves the quality of medical care and clinical outcomes. The animation of these scenarios allows for the simulation of both individual phases and the sequence of individual manipulations, during intervention and treatment.

Three-dimensional reconstruction and analysis of CT data.

In many cases, the use of 3D models helps to address certain clinical tasks, such as surgical planning, where the 3D structure is to be understood in all its complexity, defections and the ability to model a final, both clinical and functional result. Experience has shown that the visual reconstruction of the images of their villages is extremely difficult and highly dependent on the experience and imagination of the observer. In such cases, there is a need to present the problem (human body) in all its spatial aspects. This technology is also important when it is necessary that the patient himself be able to see the end result of the treatment as the surgical is.

3D Atlas for normal human anatomy

Work is currently under way to establish a bank of its own anatomical models of propulsion, muscle. ♪ ♪

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