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Interesting facts about the film "The Book of the Jungle"

A little boy's story, found and raised pack of wolves in the jungle of India, will be revived on the big screen. Film creators have chosen to be a charismic newcomer, used state-of-the-art technologies and invited first-rate stars to sound. More stunning details of this amazing film in our post.

♪ The new version of the " Book of the Jungle " was inspired by all the favoured disinfections of 1967. So you can see in it Maugli, floating in the river on the belly of Bala, hypnotizing Kaa's eyes and the magnificent elephants. However, while remaining faithful to the characters of the animation film, the Books of the Jungle took realism and the tone of the original stories of Redyard Kipping.

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" We respect Kipling ' s almost mythical history, adding to the film greater tension " .

♪ The film was co-produced by Brigham Taylor, the executive producer of the Caribbean Sea Pirates: Sunduk Dead, Future Earth. And the operator took over Bill Pope, who was working on the legendary Matrix.

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♪ The key player was the Harismic 10-year-old Nile Network, for which the Jungle Book became the first experience in films. The boy was able to survive a great competition at the casting and stand out among several thousand children from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

♪ When you're the only actor, it's hard to play the right thing. It's important to see a reaction. So on Neal's landing site, pupils used to deal with children and can cause emotion.

♪ As in the 1967 Multifile, Kaa's negative character. However, it's the first screening in which the python speaks women's voice. But Bagira, as Kipping was thinking, is a man. There's a strong man's friendship between him and Maugley.

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♪ In the Disney Multhylm, King Louis is an orangutan. In the film, he appeared as an ancestor of the wise primates, a giant who once lived in India. It's true, for greater fantasy, its growth has increased to three and a half metres.