Компьютерная графика вчера и

Computer Schedule Yesterday And Today

In February-March 2015, an open regional Festival of the computer graphics "Informatics yesterday, today, tomorrow."

In February-March 2015, an open regional Festival of the computer graphics "Informatics yesterday, today, tomorrow." The organizers are the Education Division of the Administration of the Soviet Region, the District Methodological Integration of Computer Science Teachers and the Methodological Service of the Soviet District of the City Education Development Centre. The participants in the festival are students from the 1 to 11 classes of Novosibirsk city educational institutions. This year ' s festival is devoted to the 30th anniversary of school informatics. Nominations - Exhibit, Rocky and Master.

The Exhibition presents the work of the genre of the drawing, “platka”, “poster”, “calendar”, “collage”. In the " Roliki " , work in the genre of " multivation " , " slide show " , " gif animation " , " scheduling " . The " Master " format implies command and control and aims to determine the level of technological and artistic skills of participants in the festival in real time.

One of the three contests of the Master ' s Festival took place on 12 March in lycée No. 130 at two computer classes. The Master ' s competition was attended by seven students from grades 9 to 11 from schools Nos. 61, 80, 119, 121, gymnasium No. 3 and Lycée No. 130.

This year, the theme " Master " was announced in advance: " Internet as a way of expressing itself " , i.e., the teams could prepare a scenario, graphic and musical files for their competitive work. And at the Master ' s for the participants in Guselnikov E.V., the computer science teacher of Live No. 130, held a classroom on the Internet service for the creation of PowToon videos.

In three hours, the team, using various software, showing creativity and laughing, completed the assignment. The teamwork is available on the Web site of the computer graphics at the address.

The results of the competitions will be announced at the solemn closing of the festival on 30 March 2015 at school No. 112.

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