Vfx анимация motion capture

Computer Schedule In Films

The computer schedule in the movies today is not gonna surprise anyone. Her quality has risen to such heights that the viewer can sometimes not distinguish whether the object is real on the screen, or is it created by a think tank?

However, the computer schedule had to go a long way before the film industry began to take it seriously. The first film, the computer schedule that played a decisive role, played a major role in this. According to John Lasseter, the executive vice president of the famous Pixar animation studio: "Be Tron'a, we would never see "Toy Story."

"TRON" is the news of change in the film industry.


Although TRON is a film that uses computer graphics on a full-boat, the first films that used it were screened 10 years before it appeared.

The first film using computer graphics has received a film called Western World, released in 1973. After a while, the viewers were presented with her follow-up, the Future World. In both pictures of the fountained androids, computers were used to generate landscapes visible by robot eyes.

To the future with the Androids

The next film in which computers were used to create graphics was the fourth (although the first) episode of George Lucas' Star Wars - Star Wars. Although the film itself was revolutionary for its time and contained a mass of special effects, only one contained a computer schedule. The production of a 90-second fragment that shows the passage of a spaceship through the computer projection of Death Stars, a special effect artist took three months of labor. All other special effects have been created mainly by multipliers and multiple videoconferencing.

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