НОУ «Академия компьютерной

Computer Graphics Academy

♪ ACADIUM OF COMPUTER GRAFICY - Design computer program courses.

By studying designer programmes, you can find yourself in many fields:
Web diaries, photo processing and retuitions, polygraphs, in the interior and exterrestrial (landscapt) design, video editing and video-dissemination, modern presentation interactive products and many other things that are now very relevant and demanded in all professional fields.

You will study:
1. Photoshop - creation and processing of digital images (fotocollasses, retools, creativity, Internet content, preparation of vegetation for various outputs, see below)
2. Illustrator - work with vector schedule to produce the product (sheets, leaflets, postcards, logo)
3. InDesign is the world ' s best programme for printing and electronic multi-page practicing (publishing books, catalogues, presentations)
4. Muse is a web design and website development.
5. Premiere Pro - videotape for amateurs and professionals
6. 3ds max is the most popular and universal artistic 3d program that allows for the realization of all three-dimensional designs.
7. Revit Architecture - architectural design

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