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Computer Graphics Specialist

The SamGTU School of Complementary Vocational Education provides you with the opportunity to get a new qualification - Specialist in the field computer schedules and WEB-disaines (industrial design and Web-based).

The new training programme is designed to train computer technology professionals capable of creating, introducing, analysing and accompanying technology-oriented computer technologies. After learning this program, you will be able to use modern computer technology in your future professional work.

In our class, you will learn how to set up a computer network on your business, learn to set and build a Web server (IIS, Apache, Tomcat), use the software server technology (ASP, PHP, Perl, JSP, CGI) and arrange data storage through server CBD (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL). You can create electronic resources using HTML, DHTML and CSS, learn to program three-dimensional object models, dynamic effects, visualization special effects and character animation in JavaScript, JScript, VBScript, ActionScript, MAXScript, CI#, CI+++ andVBA

Now you can use your artistic skills to create animation of characters and microscenaries; you will learn to use materials simulation tools, light sources, obscursions, online and baggage visualization tools, and video clips. You'll be familiar with modern computer version technologies (QuarkXPress, PageMaker, InDesign), learn professionally to make and format, create text and colour effects.

Our listeners will be familiar with the basic image processing techniques and the special graphic techniques (Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, 3dsMAX) for World Wide Web; they will be able to build their own company websites, their own websites, they will be able to access their home page, develop and expand their search systems, find interesting websites.

What a program Macromedia FLASH? Those who have come to the computer graphics and WEB-diseine programme will be able to answer this question.